by Cyrod Iceberg

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j'ai cherché à retrouver l'énergie post-adolescente qui trainait sur mes vieilles cassettes 90. Utilisation minimale des outils.


released August 2, 2013

remerciements :
Patrick Bowe pour ses textes malts de kangourou.
Clément Malherbe pour ses images de Gaspérie.




Cyrod Iceberg Paris, France

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Track Name: Cataract
Winters' nights are the longest
The voices that echo round your head
Like a weight pressing down on the bed
She sleeps through it all
When I was young
I believed youth would never end
So was I wrong ?
Is this the distance I was meant to run ?
Track Name: Bleak
It's a Bleak feeling
He knows it by heart
Windows are closed
The street has nothing to say
Who remains silent ?
We don't have the answer
It's a bleak night
We know it by heart
Do you know the name
Of this slow movie ?
They follow the screen
They avoid the sign
Into the electric mud
He swims and turns around.
Track Name: Shovel Part.1
They'll give you a shovel to dig a hole
Bury another little piece of your soul
Your friends still hanging from the trees
Blood, piss and sweat mingle on the breeze

Branding iron waiting to stamp D on your cheek
Is this the brave new world of which they speak?
Where the winners take the land, the losers hang
The rulers are the rich, the meek can't compete

Pushed off your land by the velvet fist
Deep down you always knew it would come to this
The food you grew stolen from foreign plates
Yet they still question the source of our hate
Track Name: Fragile
light the match and let's see it burn
let's see the flames dance on their nameplates
let's make something beautiful
from this ugly void

let's see their faces when the penny drops
that after all their brush-offs
and push-outs and hang-ups
the power was not theirs after all

for life is a delicate thing
death is cold and eternal
and they are more fragile
than they believe
Track Name: Talknow
Will you pleased to have more
What is strange is this
Of their fire shall you find us
Man want is us yet behoove us
Let me live here ever
It has said it before
We are caught by our own knowing
Windows opening on the sea
Blanky the world looks in
Your body in the sun
A wind moves a little
I'm no longer sure of the words

We must talk now
Fear is here, like a swamp
We must talk now
Huddled among each other

We are those selfish travellers
Happiest in foreign streets
The ocean pounds in our mind
Many gods lie among leaves.
Track Name: Stayed
I could have gone there if I'd wanted to
But the ground has some roots on the inside
You can press on the intercom, the intercom and wait
I could have gone there but I'd stayed.
Track Name: Flowersound
The sound
The sound you masticate
The sound you eat
Flowers into your head
Flowers the beat.

Mechanism is a poetry
When it's pouring with rain, you feel it.
When you stop the machine, you hear it.

It's a stamp and it never ends.
Track Name: Forgetting why
The most who die the more we live
A mountain's heartbeat in your hand
Because my blood can sing and dance
Only despair completely strikes

Remember seek forgetting find

I fear no fate I want no world
Your lover on the ending earth
Here is the deepest secret and
We never know why lovers die

Forgetting why remember how
Track Name: Embrace
We are alone
There are no answers in the ceiling
Maybe there are no answers at all
Boy becomes man becomes corpse
The darkness in us makes us us
Winters' nights are the longest

Embrace the tides that sweep you along
Smile like there's nothing wrong
Embrace the changes
Track Name: Shovel Part.2
One man's hero is another man's foe
When the noose and the pistol's the only law they know
Promises just pretty words on the breeze
In their eyes you're carrying the traitor's disease
Signed a note saying you'd fight and die

Before realising your enemy was looking in your eye
In the battlefields of Texas you took your chance
Your pistol dropped as your conscience snagged
For better or worse you picked your side
Picked a flag to stand behind and die

How can you help build an empire on the bones of the opposed
Replace peaceful existence with a system you detest
You fought hard, you fought long all through the night
When supplies were low and ammunition was tight
You shot the men trying to raise the white flag

No mercy awaits men with a deserter's tag
Now the irons dig hard around your neck
To the man shouting orders you're just another Mick
Like the one with no legs propped up in a cart
Just long enough for a rope to rip him apart

I didn't fight this hard for a Roman pope
No man on a cross is worth the hanging rope
But I can't stand by while the poor get walked on
And I won't pull a trigger just 'cos someone gives me a gun
There are no heroes in this tale
We're anonymous men bleeding in a field far away

I could crawl in this hole and let them pour soil in
Where would it end, where would it begin?

I rest on my shovel, my work almost done
Then throw my comrades in one by one
Resigned to a world where the mighty make the rules
And the rest of us dance as they call the tunes
Track Name: Moonandme
From distance ind the close crowd all
On the beach the ocean ends in water
He finds himself by two, or more
The re is nothing left out there.

As night falls, but the rocks
To you who lie behind in graves
There is nothing to come between
The moon and me.
Track Name: It Could Be
It could be a love song
But my blood run cold.
It could be a war song
But my tears run dry.
I have to tell you a dream
On the stage stood an old man
He said with a young voice :
I don't know how to cry.
How to silence the creak
How to ignore the game
How to appease the noise
I don't know how to die.
It could be a sad song
But my ink run cold
It could be a bad dream
On the stage stood...
Track Name: Distraction
The body changes
Folds and wrinkles and
feeds on itself
But the child remains
Bury yourself
in the mist of a thousand

He will still find you
His voice pleading
for your attention