by Cyrod Iceberg

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released September 18, 2016




Cyrod Iceberg Paris, France

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Track Name: Absenties
Welcome to absenties
The lost ones, forever,
We lost the link I suppose,
In te web of spaces.
I counted on you
When you counted on me.
It was the free days
And we knew the free road.

This chapter of my life
Is the heart of my mind
Welcome to absenties
You will be happy here.
Track Name: Context
See my hands, ageing and uncertain,
See them diving into the used oil.
Remember the reflexion of the sun
On my tired and sad fingers.
See my eyes, decentralized and grey,
See them diving into the used sun.
Remember the shadow of the doubt
On my tired and shifty-eyed look.

There is a context
A stark landscape
A dirty sky
A dying country
There is a context
A bad feeling
A solid curse
A friendly sadness.
Track Name: Glass
When I take this glass, I can see the world
When I take this world, I can see the whisper
When I take the whisper, I can remember
When I remember all the broken boards
I can see the Sharks turning all around
I can smell the blood leaking from the knee
I can feel the wind assisting the doubt
I can be myself with my broken ribs.

There is a tramp on the road
They say that he knoçws what
Others don't know anymore
But I don't have the right.
Track Name: Circles
You have feet in the water of the lake
You think about what you just said to him
Circles in the water rock your lost soul
Track Name: Celebrate
When the plain has nothing more to offer
When the sky doesn't promise us any more
A way to the peace and the smiling joy,
It's time to dig in the friendly ground.

It's a day to celebrate the fears.

The old bones will know how to speak to us
The old roots will know how we fought the walls,
It's good to have got gunk under the nails
The gravel has a material.

It's a day to celebrate the fears.
Track Name: Missing
Do you remember what it means
Do you accept that the time
Dispears inside these boxes
Do you know what you're missing ?
I saw you on your cold deathbed
You looked surprised and in a hurry
Last night you forgot what you were saying.
Where did you hide memories ?

I've been missing you
For a long time
Since you came back here.
I've been missing you
For a long time
Since you sleep at home.
Track Name: Night Ghost
I see her roaming the cliffs at night
Counting black peebles in the shady darkness
When she walks bare foot in her dressing gown
I just grit my teeth into the mute night.

I can only hear something like the wind
On the ice-cold fingers it's a bloody kiss
When she stops a moment on an old dry rock
I just grit my hands to my young lost heart.

She is my night ghost,
My pretty night ghost,
I'll never forget you again.
Track Name: Crashing
As I can see that my time has expired
I give you the last word
A I can see that my look gets lost
I give you the last role
As I can feel that we share nothing more
I give you the last tear
A I can feel that we part ways now
I give you the last choice

I will never forget
That we made this way
Together and smiling
Until it all came crashing.
Track Name: Abundance
Sometimes I can hide
In the absence of words
I just take the side
Of the value of the silence.
Sometimes I can cheat
In the abundance of rubble
I know how to swim
In the abundance.

Take this town
And make a game
All which is stupid
Track Name: Asking
I wanna know why you can't smile
When I am ill and petrified
I wanna know why you can't fly
All around me, to refresh me
I wanna know why you can't try
And lay down, next to my skin
I wanna know why you can't dry
The sweat and the tears